Teen and adult fans of Lego (TFOL/AFOL) start the building hobby at an early age, and grow to love the challenge of putting the bricks together to create an impressive structure. As Lego fans age, the projects that catch their interest are ambitious sets with more pieces, many with popular themes that come from movies or other similarly popular and massive structures.

No matter what age you are, if you are a Lego fan, you will find this selection of some of the most expensive Lego sets fun and challenging to build.

LEGO® Creator Carousel (10196)

The LEGO® Creator Carousel (10196) belongs to the exclusive series of beautifully detailed and elegant models destined to form part of a Lego display when completed. The Grand Carousel includes a Lego Power Functions motor that makes the impressive and colorful structure spin to the music of a sound brick while the swing boats and horses alternatively move up and down with the music. When completed, the carousel measures 15.1 inches all around, with a height of 13.8 inches.


  • Great building challenge with plenty of colors
  • Includes 9 mini-figures in red, white and blue
  • Solid, brick build with a large number of Technic pins and angle connectors
  • Intricate ornaments and excellent features like the horses, swing boats, and jester ornaments with red and blue hats
  • Rare gold-colored elements
  • Modular building process


  • The sheer variety of parts can look daunting and require a lot of patience
  • Bland-looking mini-figures
  • Comes in unnumbered bags that require sorting

The LEGO® Creator Carousel (10196) is made up of 3,263 pieces that come in the four main shades of dark blue, white, dark red, and tan with colorful accents that include metallic gold, lime green, yellow, primary red and blue, and myriad other shades that blend together to create a pleasing rainbow of colors. Building the set is a challenge to Lego fans though it is a bit repetitive, but with plenty of challenging tricks.

The first step is to lay down the tiled base on which the carousel stands, and then building upwards until the last brick is fitted and the constructed parts can be connected together. The finished carousel is brilliant and impressive but more important, it is a working merry-go-round that is quite playable.

LEGO Creator Green Grocer

The LEGO Creator Green Grocer is a realistic representation built in a modular design made up of three floors and a roof terrace. It contains plenty of intricate building details like the fire escape, roof terrace, apartments with mailboxes, and a detailed grocery store.

Starting from the top portion, the roof terrace has excellent features, such as a table with an umbrella, two flowers, two chairs, and a small grill. The third floor apartment features a rug, grandfather clock and a radiator, while the second floor has curtains and a fireplace. The green grocer has the best details in the featured fruits and vegetables, mouse hole with a mouse, and a refrigerator.


  • The first Lego modular set with a detailed interior
  • Very creative set with plenty of details
  • Removable top three floors that reveal the inner rooms
  • Colorful green grocer with plenty of intricately designed features and contents
  • Attractive apartments
  • Built-in stairs to the upper floors


  • Many tiny pieces that takes time to assemble

The LEGO Creator Green Grocer is a 2352-piece set that contains amazing details outside as well as inside the building. It has a modular build that can be rearranged, with plenty of details that make the façade and the interiors interesting and colorful. Other notable features are the courtyard at the back of the building, fire escape ladders that move up and down, and a street with a fire hydrant and a lamp post with lighting fixture.

LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower 1:300

The LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower 1:300 is an impressive model of the Parisian landmark that is constructed in three sections. The lower portion of the tower has a fragile build and requires the most meticulous attention to detail in the construction to avoid errors, while the second and third levels are more stable builds. Some notable features of the iconic Lego brick landmark are a French flag waving at the top of the spire and the four lifts near the bottom for ferrying mini-figures from the base to the central section.


  • A realistic replica of the Eiffel Tower based on the original building blueprints
  • Amazingly beautiful and detailed 42-inch tall building for display
  • Clear building instructions
  • Satisfying build experience


  • Difficult build, with most of the bricks in uniform gray color
  • Requires sorting of the parts that are mixed together
  • Tricky build for the lower section of the tower

The LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower 1:300 is composed of 3,426 pieces of mostly grey bricks, with a few white and tan parts included in the bottom layer. The completed structure has a height of 42 inches and a square base that measures 20 inches on all sides. The modular construction of the building allows it to be disassembled in three section for transport and storage.


The most expensive Lego sets are mostly for collectors who love to display these masterpieces together with other similarly impressive sets. Choosing one of these items is according to the preference of the collector based on the theme or structures that the set represent. Many Lego lovers will find any one of the items included in this review a challenging and satisfying build.

The top choice is the LEGO® Creator Carousel (10196) that spins with the music, making it a Lego model for display as well as for playing with. This expensive set is ideal for a Lego collector or an older child who will love playing with the durably built carousel. It belongs to class of its own because of the elements of movement, sound, and unique gold elements. This amazing set is an aesthetically pleasing model that can be integrated with other sets if you are a collector of town or city models.

The LEGO Creator Green Grocer is the next choice, particularly if you are interested in collecting the Street layout set. This particular model measures 14 inches’ x 10 inches, and will make a good companion to the other sets in the series like the Market Street, Café Corner, and Grand Emporium. The guide booklet provides excellent instructions in setting up the bricks methodically, one floor at a time. The smooth tiles at the ground level gives the building a pretty texture, while the four min-figures give plenty of interaction and play options.

The final selection in this review is the LEGO Make & Create Eiffel Tower 1:300 that is predominantly made up of gray pieces for the reproduction of the iconic Parisian landmark. This realistic reproduction makes an excellent, amazingly beautiful display that measures 42 inches tall. The set is primarily for collectors who love to display stunning Lego creations. Besides the fun and accomplishment in building, it has very little play options.

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