As quoted on the Lego website “Speed into action on Rey’s Speeder!”

Reys speeder is our first set of the new lego Star Wars Force Awakens film. For a smaller set it is really pretty detailed. It is item number 75099 and consists of 193 parts as a finished model it measures over 3 inches (9cm) high and 5 inches (14cm) long.

It is a relatively simple kit of Lego with the suggested age of 7-12. The kit comes with a mini figure or Rey and Unkars thug with a crowbar. The figure of Rey has a choice of headgear. Looking at the official Lego site the description mentions a detachable sled. I am at a bit of a loss as to what this actually is. Looking at other sites I have seen a picture of the Rey minifigure on the lid of the storage box. Is it possible that this is the detachable sled? Come on Lego talk about padding the description out.

The main model is very good though a very good likeness of the speeder featured in the film with opening side hatches that are operated by a cam attached to the lower thruster.  There are a couple of stud launchers on the front lower side of the craft that seem to have a capability of firing the clear red studs a few feet. For a small dare we say entry level kit it has a decent feel and will survive being played with. We enjoyed building this kit and this is definitely the start of our Lego Starwars collection. Keep checking for our other posts. We have more kits to come.

Reys Speeder Lego Star Wards
Star Wars Force Awakens Reys Speeder

As Disney purchased the rights to the Lucasfilm series the merchandising seems to have increased. Currently the Lego Star Wars catalogue stands at almost 60 kits to range from the small playsets to the large force awakens figures and monster kits such as the AT-AT and the Death Star. Although some of these kits have unfortunately been retired and they are now either hard to find or simply unavailable. From an enthusiast blogger point of view we have plenty to go at and a huge collection to build. Our next Star Wars Lego kit is the 75104 Kylo Ren’s command shuttle. This will be featured on our blog as soon as I have figured out how to fit the rather large wings in my light box.

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