A great source of debate between my kids and I is Minecraft.

Look what I spotted on the front page of the Lego website.

Oh no Lego have Minecraft
Minecraft sets in lego


I must have had blinkers on for the last few years I cant believe that we have Minecraft players in the house that have not spotted the Lego versions. Normally a trip to our local lego shop involves “can I one Dad” how did they miss this lot!. Personaly I am not a fan of the game. I grew up in an age when computer graphics were considered really good when they looked like Minecraft. Gaming has come a long way and I dont really see the point of having an Xbox one that is wasting its processing power.  On the other hand I can see that Minecraft really lends itself to Lego and think that the Billund boffins must have been rubbing their hands when they spotted minecraft a game that could have been designed for Lego. Not many sets have been released in the last few years that have not been build around loads of “special” pieces. Imagine a whole theme that has been conceived out of square blocks!

Number one son has spent ages on his Xbox playing this game when he could have filled up his bedroom with strangely realistic Lego sets.

You could fill up a small room wih the sets available from 21126 The Wither to 21114 The Farm.


Minecraft fun with Lego
Minecraft fun with Lego


Lets take a closer look at the set number 21125 The Jungle Treehouse. Number one son loves building houses and this looks similar to some of his Xbox creations. Indeed if you stand back you could be looking at an image on the computer screen. The spiel on this set says that you can build the treehouse with Alex where you can harvest cocoa and wheat and farm sheep. Not all is harmonious with the idilic jungle scene as there are hostile mobs gathering in the cover of the surrounding woods to cause problems. Within the farm there is a hidden trap door and a floor trap to help deal with the nasties such as the roaming skeleton and the creeper.

All in this set has over 700 pieces and can be combined with other Minecraft sets such as  21115 to make a larger diorama. The set includes Steve and Alex plus a creeper, ocelot and sheep with crops and other accessories. Its dimensions are taken from the lego site and are 22cm high, 30cm wide and 26cm deep. (8″ high, 11″ wide and 10″ deep)





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