By far my favourite lego sub genre is the Technic brand. In our family collection we have collected most of the large sets over the years. My first lego technic set was the 850 Forklift I received for Christmas in 1977. At the age of eight I found the set a little daunting but now even the biggest sets are simple for our family team. I have passed on my enthusiasm to my son and daughter. The crawler crane looks like the next big buy. Keep an eye out for the full review of the set.

From memory Lego have not released a kit like this although the 42006 Excavator set is similar. It will be good to get our hands on a winch operated crane.

In the meantime here are a few facts and figures to wet the appetite. The kit number is 42042 and is readily available early 2016.

  • 1401 pieces
  • Power functions with a motorised boom and powered caterpillar tracks.
  • Opening claw, cab that tilts.
  • Striking blue colour scheme and realistic detailing
  • Kit includes battery box and large motor.
  • Rebuilds into a mobile tower crane
  • Main model over 61cm high (presumably with boom raised)

Thats got me wanting one.  I had better get one ordered before Lego make the kit obsolete.

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