The Star Wars Lego Sets remain the most popular and coveted kits among Lego lovers who are also fans of the movie series. Many Lego fans who have watched the initial launch of the first episode of the movie and continue to follow the long running saga are apt to wish for a Lego set that will be an ultimate representation of the movies that they have avidly watched.

Although there are many impressive and awesome Star Wars Lego sets composed of thousands of pieces, there is one standout model that serves as a good reminder of the movie highlights, with excellent playability, and with a durable build that can withstand repeated handlings from play.

The Lego Death Star (Set 10188) released in 2008 is made up of 3803 pieces that recreate the three main floors of the fortress, with 13 primary rooms included. Each of the locations detailed in the Death Star are memorable from the movie, such as the meeting room with chairs that swivel around, the Droid maintenance rooms for storing Stormtrooper helmets and spare blasters, the Super Laser Control Room with its two consoles, the Detention Block where Princess Leia was rescued, the Emperor’s Throne room, and the Tractor Beam Room.

This intricate world of villains comes with an outstanding 24 mini-figures to act out the movie episode. With its numerous playability features incorporated in the ingeniously designed set and the big number of mini-figures, it is difficult to beat the appeal of this set to Lego lovers of all ages.


  • Contains 13 primary rooms that are memorable from the movie
  • Plenty of action from sophisticated weapons
  • Numerous moving parts
  • Excellent detailing and accessories
  • A secret hatch escape route to the trash compactor


  • Detailed recreation of the battle station
  • Magnificent structure for display with a 2-feet diameter
  • 24 mini-figures, which is the highest number among Star Wars Lego sets
  • A gallery of weapons to use that include the rotating turbo-lasers turrets, a firing laser canon, the Death Star super laser, and many more
  • Very durable structure


  • A complex kit to build
  • Price
  • Heavy and massive instruction booklet
  • Takes up an awesome amount of time and patience to build


The Lego Death Star beats all other models in the degree of ingenuity and impressiveness of the structure, the numerous details, and features that provide unlimited play options. Because of its durable build, you can play with it without worrying about dropping parts or breaking some important connections that will result to having the rebuild the whole battle star. It provides excellent background for the reenactment of the highlights of the movie where it was featured, which will surely delight many Star Wars and Lego fans.


If you are looking for the ultimate Star Wars Lego set that will provide you with playability and an impressive display, then you can compare the Lego Death Star with the 2503-piece LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 10212 and the 5000-piece LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon.


If you are looking for an impressive structure that is one of the icons of the Star Wars movies, then the Lego Death Star is the best set that will meet your criteria. The Death Star appeared in several episodes of the movie, and is the site for many memorable scenes that are remembered and loved by fans of the movie. It has numerous play options among the bigger Star Wars Lego sets, with a durable build that allows repeated plays without causing parts to disengage or fall apart.

The LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 10212 is one of the most recognized and feared aircraft from the star War movies as it carries the arch villain Darth Vader. It is composed of 2,503 pieces that when completed presents an awesome structure that is 28 inches tall and measures 22 inches wide when the wings are deployed. The Shuttle has many notable features, such as a detachable landing gear and an opening canopy, and a cockpit that opens and folds to reveal five control panels. The best features are the wings that open and close through the rotation of knobs located at the back of the shuttle. The set includes five mini-figures of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, a Stormtrooper, an Imperial Officer, and the Shuttle pilot. The Shuttle offers many possibilities for playability, but is more appropriate for display in the stand with a labeled display plaque.

The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon is an awesome model composed of 5,197 Lego pieces. It is a movie-accurate and detailed representation of Han solo’s starship and is one of the most iconic models in the series, and has a very stable build. With so many pieces to piece together, many of which are incredibly tiny in size, building the set takes much time and patience. Once completed, it presents an awesome structure that has a height of 8.3 inches and measurements of 22.2 inches in width and 33.1 inches in length. Being such a big undertaking, the completed set is best recommended as a display piece. Some of its notable features for play options are the rotating guns in the top and bottom turret, a retractable boarding ramp, and a removable cockpit top to facilitate the placement or removal of a min-figure. The five mini-figures included in this set are the main Star Wars characters Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca.

If your main considerations are playability, an awesome structure with the durability that can withstand repeated usage, and an excellent design and details with plenty of notable features, then the Lego Death Star is the ultimate choice among the iconic Star Wars Lego sets. It is the site of many highlights in the movies, many of which you can recreate with the awesome cast of 24 mini-figures that come with the set. The Death Star is definitely a collectable model that can stay fixed in a display stand or enjoyed by any Star Wars fan who want to play out some unforgettable movie scenes.

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