There is no limit to the number of styles and designs of Lego sets for girls to choose from. Aside from the classical pinks and blues, Lego sets for young girls come in a variety of colors that will be a delight to match and build. Many of the sets include mini-figures and accessories to complete the model, each one providing plenty of play opportunities to keep girls captivated in a scene that they have created from Lego bricks.

LEGO Friends 41039 Sunshine Ranch

The LEGO Friends 41039 Sunshine Ranch is an attractive outdoor model of a working ranch with a stable, a bunch of ranch animals that include bunnies and horses housed in a stable, including a hen scratching around and a cat that tags along with the mini-doll figures named Mia and Liza. The set offers plenty of play opportunities like cooking, grooming the horses, taking care of the foal, riding around the ranch chasing the bunnies, and other games and activities that girls can dream of to do outdoors with the animals.


  • Colorful ranch building in pink and white with green accents
  • Two mini-doll figures and ranch animals that include a cat, hen, bunnies, two horses, and a foal
  • Plenty of accessories for the ranch building and outdoors like a purple tree and a bench
  • Open ranch roof for easy play access
  • Excellent construction details that include windows and doors that open and close
  • A built-in stable for the horses, an area for bunnies, and a hen house
  • Ranch house with a bedroom, toilet, and bathroom with plenty of play opportunities in the kitchen supplied with a stove


  • Small pieces in the set are choking hazards not suitable for small children

LEGO Disney Princess 41055 Cinderella’s Romantic Castle

The LEGO Disney Princess 41055 Cinderella’s Romantic Castle revolves around the Cinderella fairy tale with the Prince inviting Cinderella to a ball in the caste. The set includes two excellently crafted Prince Charming and Cinderella mini-dolls, a miniature cat named Lucifer with a bowl of milk, and the frisky mini-dog Bruno with a bone accessory. The castle dance floor has a cozy fireplace and a clock that indicates the midnight hour when the magical spell wears off.


  • An excellent mini replica of a castle with plenty of details features Cinderella’s bedroom, tall towers and two animal beds
  • Excellently crafted swing set
  • Colorful details like the throne, flags, and a river with a bridge
  • Lovely Cinderella accessories that include the enchanted glass shoe, a tiara, lipstick and brush, and 5 heart-shaped diamonds in a treasure chest
  • Two mini-doll figures and a miniature dog and cat


  • The castle provides little play value
  • Not an exciting build because some of the parts like the peak of the castle and walls are obvious parts
  • The castle is not a solid build, with accessories like flowers and flags that fall off when touched

The LEGO Disney Princess Castle is a miniature 11-inch high castle with very feminine decorations and a striking swing set that when put together makes an awesome display. The 9-inch wide and 8-inch deep castle is divided into sections that include a bedroom for Cinderella, the cat tower, a makeup room, and a bathroom.

There are plenty of colorful details but with very little room to play around inside, but with plenty of play activities that can center on the castle floor and yard, such as the swing set, the outdoor eating area, and the river with a bridge.

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle is a glittery icy fortress that employs transparent blue and white Lego bricks with aqua blue accents that replicates an icy or frozen look. The three mini-figures that complete the set are Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and Olaf the Snowman, which are all exquisitely crafted up to the smallest detail to make a reproduction of the popular Frozen Disney characters.


  • Roomy, sparkly castle with plenty of rooms for play
  • Mini-dolls with exquisitely crafted accessories like Elsa’s sparkly cape, Olaf’s carrot nose, and the floral details on Anna’s dress
  • Packed with features like the secret staircase, ice cream bar, a picnic setting, and icicle tree
  • Plenty of accessories like skis, ice skates, a sleigh and an ice hill that offer many play options
  • Excellent glide of the sleigh down the ice slide
  • Picnic mat for Olaf complete with a sandwich and a cookie tile


  • The hair color of the Queen Anna mini-doll is way off from that of the Disney character
  • Missing upstairs door in the castle that features a lot in the movie

The LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle is composed of 298 pieces of Lego bricks including the figures and accessories that when completed gives a 9-inch high glittery castle that is 4 inches deep and 7 inches wide. The sleigh accessory that comes with the castle is a miniature 2-inch long and 1-inch high and wide.

It glides perfectly down the miniature ice slide, which is an enjoyable activity that kids love to repeat over many times. Children will have a fun time building the easy to construct castle using the building guide.


The top picks in the review of Lego sets for girls combine attractive features and finely detailed mini-dolls that provide plenty of options for play and interactivity.

The top pick in the review is the LEGO Friends 41039 Sunshine Ranch, which is an absolutely fabulous set for girls aged six years and up. It features plenty of nice details like the round tiles that represent chicken eggs, carrots in a pink bucket, and a bucket with a handle. Besides including plenty of rare, collectible bricks, the ranch set made of lavender, white, and pink tiles provide plenty of playable features. In fact, children can start playing with some parts and accessories of the ranch house even while the construction is in progress.

The next choice is the LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle, which is a neat collection for the fans of the Disney movie Frozen with plenty of play options. The mini figures are collectible items with excellent detailing, and most of the brick tiles that go into building the castle are quite unique from those used in other Lego castles, so it will be quite easy to track them down even when the castle taken apart. The Frozen Castle set has many unique details, such as Anna’s flaming torch, the pink crystals on the castle balcony, and an ice cream station with two flowers, one holding a chocolate cone and the other a popsicle.

Finally, the LEGO Disney Princess 41055 Cinderella’s Romantic Castle has an overall attractive look that makes an interesting display set. There are mystery features like the hidden key that can unlock the treasure chest containing jewels and the hidden love letter under Cinderella’s bed. Building the set can take a long time for smaller kids but will give parents and opportunity for bonding and having a fun time with their little girl.

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