The best Lego sets for adults are usually the more complicated, stylish models that can be displayed on the desk when finished. Rather than play and adventure, the adult Lego sets focus on the potential of the display, such as highly detailed modular building, architectural landmarks, or collector sets with high piece counts. The sets included in this review are architectural landmarks that range from the small to mid-sized models that will provide adults a taste of the fun while putting up the set, and a good display model once it is completed.

LEGO Architecture Empire State Building (21002)

The LEGO Architecture Empire State Building (21002) is a simple and affordable kit that contains 77 Lego pieces, a pamphlet that contains historical details and photographs, and the building instructions. The bricks are of thee colors, with most of pieces being tan colored bricks. Though it is relatively easy to build, there are some tricky points that require concentration so as to avoid possible mistakes. The bricks are standard 2 x 1 pieces, with a 4 x 2 brick in the middle piece that separates the top part of the structure from the bottom.


  • Instantly recognizable iconic structure with stepped contours
  • Affordably priced collector’s item that is easy to build
  • Attractively designed and presented collectible box and pamphlet
  • Eye-catching display set


  • Bland design with predominantly tan parts
  • Lacks window details
  • Symbolic design with little educational value
  • Unstable structure from similarly shaped pieces built on top of each other

The LEGO Architecture Empire State Building (21002) is a collectable package that is the most affordably priced in the Lego Architecture collection. The building has a prominent black and gray base on which the tan bricks for the building and the tower rise, with beautifully contoured steps and a lovely central rest. Though the colors are bland, it makes an eye-catching accent on a display shelf, together with the attractively designed box on which the set is packed.

LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower

LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower is a 321-piece set for building up the very popular and iconic Parisian landmark. When put together, the 1-foot tall, 4-inch wide symmetrical monument is a lovely display piece in the home or office. The set is composed of predominantly gray and light gray bricks, with a few flat-silver ones like the bar frame on top of the building and the 1×2 grilled bricks on the sides, which perfectly simulates the 18,038 wrought iron elements that make up the lattice structure of the tower.


  • Good interpretation of the Parisian landmark
  • Lovely bottom arches with grilled 8×8 plate on the lowest level
  • Great display item in home or office
  • Easy to setup symmetrical build, with a few challenging points
  • Accompanying booklet that contains the history of the tower, with details on its design and history


  • Slightly unstable build on top
  • Repetitive building set

LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower is an ideal gift to adults and children who have a liking for architectural designs and historical landmarks. It is contained in a stylish and sturdy box that comes with a collectible booklet made from thick, high quality glossy paper. Once it has been setup, The Eiffel Tower made of Lego bricks is an elegant and classy architectural model that gives good value at an affordable cost.

LEGO Architecture White House (21006)

The LEGO Architecture White House (21006) is made up of 560 tiny pieces that captures an excellent likeness of the iconic American landmark when put together. The structure reveal excellent details like the curved balcony and the rooftop terrace, including the excellent finish of the pillars made from light saber bricks. The finished model stands on a wide black base on which the name of the structure is printed. Some interesting features of the landmark include blacked-out windows and the uniquely crafted nameplate.


  • Excellent architectural likeness of the White House
  • Uniquely printed name label on the wide base
  • Well-written booklet containing facts about the history and construction of the iconic landmark
  • Richly detailed and sturdily built


  • Minimalist design and a closed structure with a hollow interior

The LEGO Architecture White House (21006) is part of the collectible architectural landmark sets from Lego that is affordably priced. The tiny brick pieces may be a little difficult to handle with big fingers, but the symmetrical design and build is easy enough to follow. The accompanying booklet to this Lego set provides an excellent history and facts about the design and construction of the 6-storey sandstone structure that remains a beacon to all Americans and commands respect as the home of the head of state.


All of the architectural landmark Lego sets are well crafted and definitely collectible. You can start collecting these sets with any of the smaller items presented in this review, and then move on to more challenging sets to complete the series.

Among the best Lego sets for adults included in this review, the LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower is the top choice for its affordability and the classic, iconic landmark that it represents. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited and easily recognized architectural landmarks in the world, and am aesthetically pleasing Lego replica on your desk or table top is an eye-catching conversation piece. The symmetrical design is easy to build and yet puts up some challenges along the points where unique architectural techniques are employed.

The second choice in this review is the LEGO Architecture Empire State Building (21002), which is ideal for adult Lego amateur builders with little free time to indulge in a hobby but will definitely love having a collector’s item for display. Also, it is a nice item to start a collection of display-quality Lego sets.

Measuring 9-inch wide on a black base, the LEGO Architecture White House (21006) is a good replica of one of the best known cultural landmarks of America that can stand gracefully at a desk in your office or at home. This is the third choice in this review for the best Lego sets for busy adults because it requires more time and patience to complete. Nonetheless, once you are into the project, the small pieces are challenging but are fun to build.

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