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Minecraft fun with Lego

Minecraft hits Lego

A great source of debate between my kids and I is Minecraft. Look what I spotted on the front page of the Lego website.   I must have had blinkers on for the last few years I cant believe that we have Minecraft players in the house that have not […]


Tour De France

With the cycling season starting again. An avenue that Lego havent done before although I amĀ  not sure exactly how they would do it is the tour de france.

Lego technic crawler crane
Lego Technic

Lego Technic Crawler Crane

By far my favourite lego sub genre is the Technic brand. In our family collection we have collected most of the large sets over the years. My first lego technic set was the 850 Forklift I received for Christmas in 1977. At the age of eight I found the set […]

Collectible Star Wars Lego Sets 2015
LEGO Star Wars

Collectible Star Wars Lego Sets 2015

The Star Wars movies have spawned hundreds of collectible Lego sets that are quite popular with fans of the movies and adult fans of Lego (AFOL). The Star Wars Lego Sets 2015 are replica of spaceships or space fighters from the movie episodes, each one being collectible models for display […]